36. Involved vs Committed

— Мы же с ним вместе делаем общее дело, верно?
— Да, но ты involved, а он committed.
— И в чём разница?
— В яичнице с беконом курица — involved, а свинья — committed.
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О первоисточнике.
Эта басня известна в множестве вариаций. Самая ранняя версия появилась 13.06.1950 в Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald в колонке “Try and Stop Me”, автор Bennett Cerf:

A hen and a pig were sauntering down the main street of an Indiana town when they passed a restaurant that advertised “Delicious ham and eggs: 75¢.”

“Sounds like a bargain,” approved the hen. “That owner obviously knows how to run his business.”

“It’s all very well for you to be so pleased about the dish in question,” observed the pig with some resentment. “For you it is all in the day’s work. Let me point out, however, that on my part it represents a genuine sacrifice.”…

Также см.: «Сфера ответственности».


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